Join us sundays at 9:30 AM FOR OUR PRAISE & WORSHIP SERVICE

Youth Groups

At Community Church, the youth groups focus on helping the youth to realize the immense love God has for them and to help them draw closer in a relationship to Jesus Christ. We do this by studying God's Word in Scripture and attempting to show the youth how God is speaking, leading and teaching us. Youth group meets on Wednesday nights from September through May. Junior and Senior High meet combined, while at times breaking up into smaller groups of just Jr/Sr High for more in-depth conversation. For times and dates, as well as what we will be studying each night, please check out the church calendar.

For anyone interested in coming to our youth group, we ask that you would fill out this brief Emergency Contact Sheet so we are able to contact a parent/guardian in case of an emergency.

Sunday School

We offer a Sunday School class for our 7th-12th grade students every Sunday morning at 11 am, September - May. During this time, the youth will be learning about God in ways that vary from month to month. We will watch a movie, read devotionals, study Scripture or read books. 

Mission Trips

An annual summer mission trip is offered to those who are in high school or will be starting high school in the fall. The senior high mission trip is a long-standing tradition at Community Church of Kamrar. We work through an organization called YouthWorks! One of the positives of YouthWorks! is that they are working with communities consistently before we get there and after we leave. They also work with a variety of communities: urban, rural and Native American reservations. Our youth ministry attempts to rotate thorugh these three options yearly, going urban, rural and reservation. We also rotate between a "short trip" (meaning less than a day's drive) and a "long trip" which usually consists of an overnight. These trips can range anywhere from six to ten days, depending on travel.

Our junior high mission trip is on a much smaller scale. We serve somewhere within the immediate area and spend our nights at the church. The goals of the junior high mission trip are to give the students a taste of the Sr High trip and get them excited about it, as well as continuning to instill the importance of missions, service and giving. These trips are usually only a few days and occur during Spring Break.

Discipleship Class

Community Church loves when our youth are involved and active members of the church body. We have begun to offer Discipleship Classes to students between 8th and 12th grades to learn specifics about the Christian faith and Community Church of Kamrar. Sessions will focus on Jesus as Savior, the Holy Trinity, the Bible, Prayer, Responding to God's Love for us and specific information about Community Church of Kamrar. These classes are offered twice annually in the fall and the spring as the need arises. Upon completion of the classes, our youth will be eligible to join the church as full members and participate more richly in the body of Christ. Any students interested in attending, learning more about church membership, or baptism, should contact the church office.